FairTrade Fortnight

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight we are offering all our customers free Fairtrade tea or coffee and biscuits.  We have been buying Faritrade tea, coffee and sugar for our staff for over 5 years now – we feel it’s important that all workers should earn a fair wage.

Here is Gabor, one of our warehouse assistants, enjoying his cup of fairtrade coffee after his lunch.  Gabor has worked for us for 5 months now and for some reason hasn’t appeared in the Chauncey’s blog yet – a bit of an oversight on my part when he is so photogenic!

A little known fact about Gabor is that he has won several gold medals in the world championships for kayaking as part of the Hungarian National Team.  An impressive achievement – but fortunately not one that’s a requirement for a job here at Chauncey’s !

Do call in and have Fairtrade tea or coffee with us… and we’ll give you a free bone china Chauncey’s mug to take home with you.

Mary xx


All homes have their own indoor climate which is determined by factors like the amount of moisture in the air (humidity), the temperature, the type of heating and the amount of ventilation. In a comfortable home with slight humidity variation through the seasons, wooden floors react by expanding and shrinking. During warm, humid weather wood expands. During dry weather wood shrinks – this seasonal movement is a normal characteristic of wooden floors and it never stops, regardless of the age of the wooden floor.

To read more of this article and to find out our recommendations, please click on the ‘Interiors’ tab at the top of this page or follow this link

Mary xx

Our increase in business last year means that we have all been working flat out to keep up with orders – so we decided to recruit new staff in January.

You may already have spoken to one of our two great new staff members here at Chauncey’s.

Both Laura and Jason have fitted in really well and are already getting trained up in their respective areas and proving to be very useful team members. Laura is helping with office admin and is already helping on sales as well.  If you’ve phoned the office recently you may well have spoken to Laura.

Jason is our Logistics man – organising deliveries in and out and generally making our transport systems even more efficient.  If you’ve had a delivery recently from us you’ve probably spoken to Jason already too.

We’re very pleased to have Laura and Jason working with us – helping to make Chauncey’s an even more efficient and helpful company to deal with.

Mary xx

Chauncey's Solid Oak at the British Museum

Recently we’ve had more enquiries from customers wanting to know how to make sure that their new wooden floor won’t squeak once it has been fitted.

One of the most common mistakes made is to use secret nailing on boards that are wider than 140mm – we only recommend fitting wider boards with secret nailing if you also use beads of flexible adhesive to hold down the other side of the board.  Otherwise you are only using a fixing in one side and then relying on the next board to hold the first board down.

To try to make this simpler I’ve put together a chart which shows our most popular boards and the way(s) that we would recommend to fix these boards – dependant on the sub floor present, of course.

Please click on the tab at the top of this page which says ‘Fitting’ to see this helpful guide.

Mary xx

P.S. Don’t forget that we also have two films about fitting – just click on the ‘Films’ tab at the top of the page to view them.

We are very excited here at Chauncey’s as our new office development has been nominated for a ‘Building Excellence Award’ for the South West  in 2011.  This is a reflection of the high quality of our build – and also the environmentally sound principles of our office in  utilising redundant space in the top half of our old Chapel warehouse.

A combination of the high level of insulation and the Under Floor Heating has been keeping us nice and toasty in the recent cold weather.  And of course our lovely FSC Tectonic engineered European Oak has provided a hard-wearing and beautiful floor.

For more details of the build please refer back to these blog posts:

Chaunceys New Office takes shape

Finishing Oak Flooring with Treatex Harwax Oil

Working in the New Office

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Chauncey’s will do well in the Awards later this year.

Mary xx

The chapel as it was

The chapel as it was

Slightly reduced storage space in the bottom half of the Chapel

The new office in the top half of the Chapel

Chauncey’s have been authorised by the Royal Institute of British Architects to put their classification system onto our literature as follows:

Uniclass L532:P511 – this indicates hardwood flooring

EPIC  E411:X52 – this indicates floor finishes of sectionwork e.g. planks of hardwood

CI/SfB  (43)  Xi3  – this indicates flooring products of a number of components e.g. engineered flooring

‘Insight’ – the online marketing tool for RIBA – emphasises the importance of classifying literature in this article.

This should be a geat help to all the architects and specifiers who use us.

Don’t forget to have a look at the Chauncey’s YouTube channel, which features films on all aspects of flooring from fitting to maintaining – you’re sure to find some useful information on here.

Regency Aged Oak Flooring at Calcot ManorAs usual, our beautiful Regency aged oak was our bestselling item for December – go to our home page if you want to see what else featured in the top five.

Unfortunately, prices on the aged Regency will have to be increased in February – so if you are planning a project it would be good to order this month before the price rise.  We are anticipating that the increase will be approximately 5% on  solid boards and 8% on engineered boards.

SO…. order in January and beat the price rise.

mary xx

Fresh from the pages of the December Issue of Grand Designs magazine is this contemporary two storey cottage, situated on a small infill plot in a very dense urban area of Clifton.

A palette of simple materials and crisp detailing has produced an uncompromising contemporary house.  Chauncey’s FSC Smoked Oak Tectonic Engineered Oak Flooring has been laid and finished with ebony oil as the feature point of the house.  I think you’ll agree that it looks fantastic.

Mary xx

Merry Christmas to you all.

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy New Year.