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chaunceys homepage

We have moved our blog so that it’s now part of our website.

Please click on the image above to take you to our homepage – or go straight to our blog by clicking on this link

Thanks xx

Chaunceys homepage


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Find out why this is my favourite latest project on the new Chauncey’s blog

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As part of our environment policy, we are now trying to improve our local environment as well as become even more committed to being ‘green’.

We’re trying to improve our local environment in two ways – through litter collection and through imnproving a central space – and improving the general environment by being registered as a ‘Green Achiever’

Why not have a look at Chauncey’s new blog to find out more detail?

or have a look at Chauncey’s website to find out about our latest products.

Mary xx

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Fresh from the pages of the December Issue of Grand Designs magazine is this contemporary two storey cottage, situated on a small infill plot in a very dense urban area of Clifton.

A palette of simple materials and crisp detailing has produced an uncompromising contemporary house.  Chauncey’s FSC Smoked Oak Tectonic Engineered Oak Flooring has been laid and finished with ebony oil as the feature point of the house.  I think you’ll agree that it looks fantastic.

Mary xx

Merry Christmas to you all.

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy New Year.

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Continuing on from our previous films, in which I summarised the different ways of fitting wooden flooring, we now have three more films which show the actual fitting of the flooring and the UFH in our new offices.
Many thanks to Justin and Chris from JB Flooring and also to Chris and Tom from C.D. Curtis plumbing for allowing us to film them whilst they were working.
I’m sure you’ll find these films really interesting.

Fitting Underfloor Heating and Chauncey’s Engineered Oak Flooring – Part 1:

Fitting Underfloor Heating and Chauncey’s Engineered Oak Flooring – Part 2:

Fitting Underfloor Heating and Chauncey’s Engineered Oak Flooring – Part 3:

Mary xx

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Chauncey’s new office is finished –  the UFH is installed and tested, the wiring is done, the flooring is down and all the new windows and bookcases are built and  installed.  Connecting up computers and phone lines is happening as I write.  We actually move in tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd Nov) so please bear with us if there’s any disruption to our usual fantastic service.

James and I were in the office bright and early on Saturday giving the FSC Tectonic Engineered Oak floor an extra coat of Treatex Hardwax Oil.  This was trickier than it looks as the office is such a large area – approx 80m2.

We started from the left hand side brushing round the edge, then rollered along the length of the boards towards the middle of the room.  I nearly made the mistake of opening the windows and then not being able to get to them to shut them (again)!! Once I was nearly at the centre of the room I made sure that I rollered the Treatex tight up to the join between two boards so there would be no overlap later.

Then we started in the same way from the right hand side, brushing round the edge first and then rollering until we met the previous rollering (and tried not to overlap onto it) – all working towards the door.

Fortunately, Treatex Hardwax Oil is very forgiving and evens out well – you just have to make sure there’s no overlap onto partly dried boards as you finish the last line.

If you need any further advice on applying Hardwax Oil, please look at Chauncey’s website or visit the Treatex website.

Or if any of you have tips about finishing to pass on please send me comments.

Mary xx

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Our fantastic Regency aged Oak flooring just got even better as we have a finish specially made for it.  Lots of our customers want their Regency Oak Flooring to keep its grey finish – but this is something that hasn’t been possible until now, as any hardwax oil makes the finish a lot darker.


Treatex Hardwax Oil for Chauncey's Regency Aged Oak


Treatex have now mixed an oil specially for Chauncey’s and our Regency Aged Oak boards which helps to keep the aged grey look of the boards.

Because the oil is specially pre-mixed it’s easy to apply – just two coats with a roller as with the clear Treatex.

Of course, you can use it on any of our oak flooring to give a lighter, whiter finish – you don’t have to buy our Regency Oak flooring to use it!

Below is a sample of Regency Aged Oak flooring with Chauncey’s Regency Treatex applied to one end and clear Treatex applied to the other.  The photo doesn’t really do the colour justice, but we really like the way the Regency Treatex Hardwax Oil keeps the grey tone of the original board.


Chauncey's Regency Oil (left). Untreated (centre). Clear Treatex Oil (right)


Our new office continues to improve.  Mark the decorator is painting the panelling and the underfloor heating is due to go in next week with a splendid Chauncey’s FSC Tectonic oak floor over the top.  We are hoping to film some of the installation of the UFH and the Tectonic flooring  – so look out for it on YouTube and on our website….


Chauncey's new office - starting to look light and bright


Mary xx

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