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Who is Arnold?  And what does he do at Chauncey’s?

Go to our new blog to find out.

Or go to the Chauncey’s website to find out more about our ‘Bristol Finish’  pre-finishing service.


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Chauncey's Solid Oak at the British Museum

Recently we’ve had more enquiries from customers wanting to know how to make sure that their new wooden floor won’t squeak once it has been fitted.

One of the most common mistakes made is to use secret nailing on boards that are wider than 140mm – we only recommend fitting wider boards with secret nailing if you also use beads of flexible adhesive to hold down the other side of the board.  Otherwise you are only using a fixing in one side and then relying on the next board to hold the first board down.

To try to make this simpler I’ve put together a chart which shows our most popular boards and the way(s) that we would recommend to fix these boards – dependant on the sub floor present, of course.

Please click on the tab at the top of this page which says ‘Fitting’ to see this helpful guide.

Mary xx

P.S. Don’t forget that we also have two films about fitting – just click on the ‘Films’ tab at the top of the page to view them.

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Out on site and need to specify some Chauncey’s Oak Flooring?

James has been utterly brilliant and created a whole new website just for you and your lovely phone:


On chauncey.mobi you can see pages on our Tectonic Engineered Oak flooring, our Solid Oak flooring and our Timber Gallery – all with technical information and prices easily listed for you.

chauncey.mobi on your iphone

There is also a  special trade login, so you can see the trade prices on your mobile too.  If you are one of our Trade customers, please email me (mary@chauncey.co.uk) if you would like the login and password.

I think you’ll agree that  chauncey.mobi is so easy to use that you’ll hardly need to be in your office again!

Mary xx

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Diagram of an Underfloor Heating system

Mike from our office is due to go on site next week with one of our recommended fitters so that he can observe and learn more about installing our Tectonic Engineered Oak Flooring over Underfloor Heating.

We are also hoping to film part of the process and post film clips onto our blog – so watch this space…

Currently they are waiting for the screed to dry before installing the Tectonic Engineered Oak Flooring over the top.  Making sure that any screed and/or concrete is fully dry is an essential part of the installation process – the approximate drying out guide is that you should leave one day for each mm thickness of the screed and concrete combined  i.e. for 25mm thick screed/concrete leave approx 25 days.  This is just a rough approximation and if the concrete is deeper than 6 inches then the drying out time may take longer than 1 day for each mm.  Either way the level of moisture in the concrete should be measured with a proper hygrometer.   There are other important factors too, such as the room Relative Humidity, which should all be measured with professional equipment.

Underfloor Heating and Chauncey's Tectonic Wideplank Engineered Oak Flooring

Only when the conditions are right should the oak flooring be acclimatised on site before fitting.  For a guide to aclimatising please see the article in our April Trade Newsletter.

For a guide to the correct conditions please see our folder of facts and figures on our Underfloor Heating webpage.

Mary xx

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This is an article from the June Chauncey’s Trade Newsletter.

It’s a really useful article, but as it’s rather tucked away in our Newsletter Archive I thought I would post it as a blog.

When deciding how to fix a floor down, there may be more than one option – you may be able to Nail, Glue or Float your oak flooring.

The three main questions to ask are:

  • What type of flooring are you fitting?  Solid oak can only be nailed or glued – never floated – whereas engineered oak flooring can be nailed, glued or floated
  • What thickness is the oak flooring?  If it’s structural thickness (>18mm) then it can span between joists/batons, if it’s overlay (<18mm) then you must have a supporting floor underneath
  • What is your subfloor?  If it’s concrete then you can only glue or float; if it’s joists/batons or an existing wooden floor then you can nail, glue or float.

Please follow this link to find out more and check out our recommendations.

Our Top Tips for Fitting Oak Floors:

  • Take moisture checks before you begin (use a hygrometer regularly to monitor conditions)
  • Make sure the subfloor is sound and as flat as possible
  • If glueing always use a flexible adhesive (Sikabond or Rewmar)
  • For wider oak boards (>140mm) over joists or an existing wooden floor, try using a combination of secret nailing and dabs of T2 Sikabond adhesive to hold the other side of the oak board.
  • Generally, new concrete or screed needs approximately 1 day for every mm of thickness (i.e. 25mm = 25 days)
  • Have a look at our website for more information on adhesives, fitting and all types of oak flooring – engineered and solid

James and I are off for four days to the Larmer Tree Festival – looking forward to seeing Jools Holland tonight!

Mary xx

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Borat - best seller in Kazakhstan

Following on from the recent blog about our best sales week ever – June has now turned into our best sales month ever – and by quite a long way!  A pretty impressive achievement considering the wobbly financial climate.

Our lovely staff have managed magnificently with the extra workload but we do now need to recruit a new office assistant and an additional part time warehouse worker!

I thought I would put a picture of Borat giving us the thumps up as apparently the Borat DVD is a bestseller now  in Kazakhstan and Russia! – so it’s thumbs up for Borat and thumbs up for Chauncey’s too!

Our bestsellers in flooring for the outstanding month of June are:

  1. Regency Tectonic Aged Engineered Oak Flooring
  2. Reclaimed French Railway Oak Flooring
  3. FSC  Oak Tectonic Engineered Flooring (15mm overlay)
  4. Chauncey’s Original Tectonic Engineered Oak Flooring
  5. FSC Baked Oak Tectonic Engineered Flooring.

Let’s hope this turns into an outstanding summer – both weather-wise and business-wise!

Mary xx

P.S. Don’t forget to sign the ‘Save Forests’ campaign on my previous blog – before 7th July if possible.

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Following on from yesterdays post, I have just signed the online petition from an organisation called ‘Avaaz’ which is campaigning for support for the  European Parliament to ban illegal timber from entering the EU market. Currently Avaaz are concerned that some MEPs will vote against the tough measures that are about to be introduced against traders who import illegal timber.

The social and environmental impacts of this industry are truly devastating.  Mismanaged deforestation drives global climate change and robs both indigenous peoples and animals, who rely on the forests, of crucial natural resources.

The petition will be delivered to MEPS as they go into vote on the legislation on July 7th so please follow this link today and sign the petition to ban illegal timber imports into the EU     SAVE OUR FORESTS


See WWF’s report on Illegal logging and the EU — click on the link to download the PDF version:

More on the Parliament vote:

Thanks so much!

Mary xx

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