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Who is Arnold?  And what does he do at Chauncey’s?

Go to our new blog to find out.

Or go to the Chauncey’s website to find out more about our ‘Bristol Finish’  pre-finishing service.


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We’ve recently been filming in one of our warehouses – to find out what Ian is talking about in this photo why not have a look at Chauncey’s new blog.

Or for more information on oak flooring you can check out Chauncey’s website.

Thanks.  Mary xx


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What do a Cheetah, a Frog and a Penguin have in commom (along with some others of the Chauncey’s staff)??

Have a look at our new blog to find out…

…or have a look at our home page to see our fantastic engineered oak flooring

Mary xx

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After sanding our worn Tectonic Engineered oak flooring we re-finished it with Blanchon smoked oak coloured oil and then our hardest Treatex hardwax oil mixed with the hardener.

To see more details please look at Chauncey’s new blog or have a look at the Chauncey’s Timber Flooring website

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What kind of reclaimed timber flooring is this?

And why does it have a ‘nail fossil’ in it?

Have a look at our new blog to find out.

Or have a look at the variety of reclaimed and new flooring we stock on our website.

Mary xx

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Link to our new blog to have a look at ‘the making of Tree’ – a Natural History Film showing the installation of wafer thin slices of a real oak tree on the gallery ceiling!

Or link to Chauncey’s website to get your own  flooring from an oak tree!

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Our blog site has moved – please follow this link to the new site to see the rest of this article.

We’re very excited to have acquired the Trade Mark registration for our Regencytm Aged Oak flooring.

Here are project pictures of the Regencytm Antique Grey and the Regencytm Antique Gold:



Please email us and ask us for samples of this fantastic board – or have a look at our website to find out more.Mary xx

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