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Roger Southee passed me a really interesting article printed by the AECB (the sustainable building association) which suggests that the use of Biomass boilers as a ‘low or zero carbon fuel’ is ‘fundamentally misguided’.

According to the AECB the idea of Biomass boilers, which largely use pelleted wood as fuel, is  ‘an expensive way to make climate change worse’ and ‘one of the least sensible uses for wood’.

Because the carbon emitted when wood is burnt is roughly equal to that absorbed during the growing it seems logical to think that a biomass boiler would be ‘zero carbon’.

Trees would normally release the carbon they had absorbed during their lifetime as they died and rotted away.  However, if you incorporate wood into a building where it won’t rot away and release the carbon it has absorbed (i.e in the structure of the house, or as wooden flooring) then you effectively create a ‘carbon sink’ by locking up the carbon in the timber.

Wood itself is not a low carbon fuel – burning natural gas or LPG releases about half as much CO2 to provide the same heat output.

Chauncey's FSC Oak Flooring

The conclusion has to be that wood is too valuable to burn and by turning trees into building structures, insulation materials, furniture, windows and flooring we are actually helping the environment.

And if you buy timber flooring from a responsible supplier (such as Chauncey’s) who only sell responsibly managed oak and either FSC or PEFC certified oak the you are helping the environment twice!!

All food for thought…

Mary xx

P.S. I ‘Stumbled Upon’ this fantastic tree house – just makes you want to live in the woods…

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Following on from yesterdays post, I have just signed the online petition from an organisation called ‘Avaaz’ which is campaigning for support for the  European Parliament to ban illegal timber from entering the EU market. Currently Avaaz are concerned that some MEPs will vote against the tough measures that are about to be introduced against traders who import illegal timber.

The social and environmental impacts of this industry are truly devastating.  Mismanaged deforestation drives global climate change and robs both indigenous peoples and animals, who rely on the forests, of crucial natural resources.

The petition will be delivered to MEPS as they go into vote on the legislation on July 7th so please follow this link today and sign the petition to ban illegal timber imports into the EU     SAVE OUR FORESTS


See WWF’s report on Illegal logging and the EU — click on the link to download the PDF version:

More on the Parliament vote:

Thanks so much!

Mary xx

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Robbie and Jazz in the Woods

I’ve had lots of dappled, sunlit dog walks in the woods recently, wanting to climb a tree and shout  ‘Beauty‘  as George Emerson does in one of  my favourite films,  ‘A Room with a View’.

This has got me thinking more on the importance of sustainable forestry, which will help to preserve our woods and forests so that future generations can also enjoy them – and shout from trees!

It’s so important to check that suppliers really are supplying sustainably grown timber, certified either by PEFC or FSC, as we do at Chauncey’s.  It’s all too easy, on a website or in a brochure, to seem as if you’re ‘green’ when if fact you’re not.  I recently read blogs on this subject – known as ‘Greenwashing’ – where companies falsely pretend to be green simply to sell more of their products – so make sure you buy your oak flooring from a reputable source (that’s us!).

The FSC have just contacted Chauncey’s about helping with FSC Friday this year (Sept 24th 2010) and we have happily agreed  to support them again by offering a 10% discount on Chauncey’s FSC Engineered Oak Flooring on FSC Friday.  So make a note in your diary…

Maybe more about ‘Greenwashing’ in another blog…

Robbie on Brown Oak

I took another photo of one of our dogs (Robbie) this morning – doesn’t he match our PEFC Brown Oak Flooring well?  He is a rescue dog and is now nearly 15 and even though he is a bit doddery I just love him to bits!

Mike in our office (who had a ‘Mini Adventure’ a few weeks ago) has swapped four wheels for two and been cycling on the Bristol Bike ride with Jenny and their two girls.  I think the reflections in the planetarium are so cool and you can see the Suspension Bridge in the distance in the second photo.  Chauncey’s love cycling (well, maybe not in the office!).

Reflections in the Planitarium

Heading towards the Suspension Bridge

Great cycling girls (and Mike)!

Mary xx

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Will Gerrard be cheering today?

Can England do it?  Well, the Chauncey’s ‘boys’ are off to see if they can – we’re such good employers that we’ve given the boys the afternoon off.  Ian, Chris, Driver James, Prezemyslaw & Thibaut  will all be cheering the England team on – even though the latter two are Polish and French respectively.

We’re imagining that the phones (for once!) may be quite quiet and that just us girls (& Boss James) can manage to sell our oak flooring.  We will probably keep an eye on the score.

Could this be her?

Following on from Ian’s favourite moment last week, I thought I would mention one of Sherrys’  favourite Chauncey’s moments.  This is also one of my favourites!  Late one afternoon Sherry kept trying to send a fax but each time it rang a phone line instead and we could hear someone answer the phone – a little voice from the fax machine!  Sherry checked the number with the supplier several times but each time was given the same number and each time it was answered by the little old lady.  We decided to try once more and when the phone was answered again the little voice from the fax machine said “if you don’t stop calling this number I’m going to ring the police!”  At which we both burst out laughing – is this the first time a fax machine has been accused of making nuisance calls?

I’ve posted the new June Trade Newsletter in the archive section of the blog (see top of this page).  It includes:

Mary xx

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The bathroom in this lovely Victorian house had a tired old pine floor which had been hacked about by countless plumbers and electricians in it’s long life.  The room has been transformed by simply laying Chauncey’s Tectonic Engineered flooring in a fantastic Brown Oak over the top of the existing shabby floor.

At Chauncey’s we can supply this exclusive product (you won’t find it anywhere else!) – PEFC certified brown oak sourced from small French mills and made into superbly engineered oak flooring using top quality water resistant birch ply.

This Brown Oak Tectonic Engineered Flooring has simply been floated over 3mm foam underlay (over the existing floor) by gluing the tongue and groove joints with a strong woodworking glue.  Why not have a look  at our helpful fitting guide to find out how best to fit our oak flooring?  Don’t forget to look at the safety checks while you’re there too.

We also have superbly made Tectonic engineered oak flooring in stunning PEFC Tiger Oak from the same source – it will create a really striking floor with a mix of lighter and darker brown graining.  Again you won’t find this product anywhere else.

Why not treat yourself to a new floor – it should last a lifetime – and you can’t say that about many things!

Mary xx

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The environment is a constant theme in the media and I thought it would be helpful to remind everyone of our strong commitment to provide environmentally sound hardwood flooring.

All our hardwood flooring is sustainably grown and a growing proportion of our oak flooring is supplied from certified sources.  We also provide superb Reclaimed Oak Flooring which is sourced from the sides of old French Railway carriages.

Our Focus:

Chauncey’s have over the last twenty years built up a core business specialising in the supply of  specialist oak flooring products.  We have built up long term business relationships with a number of British and European Oak Timber mills supplying us with only the finest boards.  Our consistantly high quality products, reliable deliveries and expert advice has helped us build a very happy and loyal customer base.

Environmental Policies:

We are currently working towards increasing the amount of our oak flooring which is either FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certificated. Gradually more of our oak flooring lines will be included within our certified ranges provided that we can find suitable sources without any quality compromises.

Find out more about our environmental policies….

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