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Chauncey’s Reclaimed French Railway Oak was used to form the deck of the Titanic in this fantastic photo.

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After my blog about our recent showroom visit from a parrot one of our readers suggested a feature about Pets on Floors!

This jolly little chap was taken years ago on one of our first reclaimed pitch pine floors

Have a look at Chauncey’s new blog to see more pet on wooden floors

Has anyone got anyother photos they could email to me (mary@chaunceys.co.uk) of pets on their wooden floors?? – I would love to see them and feature them too.

Mary xx

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'Machined Face' Reclaimed French Oak

To find out more about our machined or original old face reclaimed oak please have a look at our new blog.


Mary xx

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What kind of reclaimed timber flooring is this?

And why does it have a ‘nail fossil’ in it?

Have a look at our new blog to find out.

Or have a look at the variety of reclaimed and new flooring we stock on our website.

Mary xx

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How did Mike use Chauncey’s Fantastic Reclaimed Oak to turn his garden from this:

Mike's front garden before...

into this…

The Finished Front Garden

Have a look at our new blog to find out more.

Mary xx

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Chauncey's Reclaimed French Railway Oak - planed

Chauncey's Reclaimed French Railway Oak - sawn

Finally we have our first consignment of our beautiful Chauncey’s Reclaimed French Railway oak, specially made into gorgeously long TectonicTM engineered boards.

We can supply these stunning boards in either smooth planed, or rough sawn, or even with one of our specialist hand-applied ‘Bristol Finishes’.

To see more please go to our website or go to our new blog site

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